Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Start the spooky countdown! *screams*

Well, we all know that M.E. has its drawbacks, and that we can't do things as quickly as other people. We have to start early to get things done.

With this in mind: Three months today is Halloween!


Given the amount of time we spend indoors our complexions can easily be likened to that of ghosts, our daylight aversion to that of vampires. What better time to dress up, have fun and illustrate our illness?

So, why not start putting together your Halloween crafts or getting ideas down on paper?

Perhaps, if you feel up to it, think about putting on a Halloween crafting event! With crafters starting early in order to contribute to stalls etc. we should be able to manage a fair ol' Halloween haul, spooking people out of their hard-earned money with gorgeous goodies and fun-tastic crafts. You could even spice up your sales with a seasonal special, or a game for your stall!

Get your thinking caps on - comment on this post and start the toffee-apples rolling!

In a fun ol' holiday of spooky things, fancy-dress, sweets, tricks and terror there are virtually no limits! So let's get going!

If you think you may be able to run an event or contribute crafts then do let us know. If you have any ideas or concepts you want to spread to other crafters then we can easily share it on the blog. Start the pumpkin rock! Let's cook up some crafts!

*squeals and stumbles away*

Here goes!

Morning all! So I have to confess that I'm a complete novice at this 'blogging thing', barely having read one let alone written one, but I'm always up for a challenge, so here goes....!

Well here at the Swamp Kids base, we're having quite an arty morning, my heads full of ideas for new products, although I'm not sure my hands can keep up!

In the meantime, the littlies are busy creating - mostly superhero based and once again 'Mr Incredible' has come up trumps with my 4 year old running around dressed in his red swimming kit with his beautifully coloured-in homemade badge sellotaped to his chest; yesterday's gymnastics (huge congratulations to Team GB for the amazing achievement in the men's team event!) has inspired even more crazy moves!

Finally, and certainly by no means least - the post has just arrived and in it another beautiful hand-made bracelet by Maddison Kent. I love all her designs and so do my friends! They make the best presents but the only downside is that everytime one arrives in the post and I open the colour coordinated tissue paper, it's soooo tempting to keep it! Maddi and her mum Tristi are definitely an inspiration; both suffering from M.E. they are a shining example of how it's all about what you can do and not about what you can't do. Check out all of Maddi's gorgeous bracelets on the website or facebook page, but watch out as once you look, a purchase is guaranteed!

Best wishes

Liz x

Monday, 23 July 2012

Craft supplies on Make ME!

The first craft supplies on Make ME!
Lazuli Crafts is selling off spare knitting needles for sculpting work.
You get four needles aluminium in various sizes - excellent and indispensable tools for use with polymer clay.
You can even pop them in the oven along with your work when baking.
Easy to clean, hard-wearing and utterly invaluable for all sorts of tasks.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

They just keep coming!

Yet more new products from Make ME contributors!

Check out this hoot-ilicious owl and these lovely earrings recently added by Katie.

And more cards up from Sam - perfect gift accompaniment!

Thanks for all your hard work, guys!

Please share widely and help these talented people raise funds for research!

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Swamp Kids Do It For M.E!

Many thanks go out to Liz for adding Swamp Kids to the Make ME website!

Their stunning gift cards are now up for sale, with more crafty goodness on its way.

Got a birthday coming up? Want to send a special card to a special person on a special occasion? Why not check out these gorgeous cards with their classy hand-embroidered felt designs?

At only £1.95 each, with free UK postage, they're an absolute steal!

To view all available Swamp Kids products visit their seller page on the Make ME website: http://www.makemecrafts.com/seller_page.php?sellerid=60

You can also find them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SwampKidsDoItForME

Monday, 9 July 2012

Crafts added!

Many thanks to new contributor Louise for adding her gorgeous crafts to the website! Baby-shaped baby supplies, flannels and soaps. 

Plus, new products from Lazuli Crafts! LDIFME awareness ribbon keyrings, custom awareness ribbon wristbands and the very first addition to the Hug ME campaign - the initial attempt at Foggy Bear! 

Please share widely with friends and family and help raise vital funds for biomedical M.E. research.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

More fantastic crafts added!

Many thanks to new contributors Sam and Lesley (Hand Sewn) for their gorgeous crafts!

Check out Sam's range of stunning handmade cards (right), perfect for that special someone!

Looking for a great accompaniment gift? Why not have a look at Lesley's wonderfully soothing lavender hearts (left)? Hand sewn with ribbons for hanging.

Share these super crafts with family and friends. Help us spread the word and raise vital funds for biomedical M.E. research.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Presenting: Lazuli Crafts!

'Make ME Paracord' has been revamped, redesigned and rebranded as 'Lazuli Crafts'!

Due to the overwhelming response to their paracord products they've begun tinkering with other crafts and materials, to be unveiled in coming weeks.

To avoid unnecessary confusion, or the creation of separate seller profiles, 'Lazuli Crafts' will now encompass all paracord products previously sold by 'Make ME Paracord' and quite a few more over a wide range of craft types.

To contact Lazuli Crafts email: LazuliCrafts@gmail.com or visit their seller page at http://www.makemecrafts.com/seller_page.php?sellerid=4

Newly added products!

Don't forget to check out recently added products at MakeMECrafts.com!

More lovely bracelets from the wonderful Maddi, gorgeous birdie decorations being added by 100Birdies4ME, and stunning cards going up from Eleri Haf Designs.

Thanks to all for your participation.

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