Monday, 27 August 2012

More glorious crafts added!

Check out the recently added products on Make ME

New knitware contributor amba crafts has added this gorgeous crotcheted baby shawl. (right)

100birdies4ME is now offering birdie brooches! Isn't this little blue fella sweet? (left)
Also, the Kent family have gone craft mad, branching out into all sorts of things and recruiting family members left, right and centre! Check out their stunning new range of cushion covers, and their hand-decorated wooden signs! What a crafting powerhouse!

And don't forget, this is just the new stuff! We also have amazing cards, a broad range of jewellery, keyrings, decorative items, soft toys and much, much more!

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Christmas approaches!

Four months to the day,
Christmas approaches!

So crafters to arms,
Prepare to make brooches!

And sweaters and sweeties,
And wonderful cards,
And jewellery for feetsies,
And necks, hands and arms.

The sky is the limit,
So go wild with glee,
For Christmas is coming,
Get crafting for ME!

Friday, 24 August 2012

Make ME Events Updated!

I, (Jon Watson), with the support of my family and friends, will be organising Make ME Craft stalls at events in my local area!

The first of these will be on the 29th September in Bedhampton (appropriate name? :P)

All crafters are more than welcome to contribute to the stall. I certainly won't be able to fill the table by myself! I'd love for people to send in whatever they can. Reimbursement of material costs etc. can be arranged. Anything and everything is welcome, so if you've got some stock lying around feel free contact me at:

Or send your gorgeous crafts to:

Jon Watson
1 Jude Court
Devonshire Square

I'm hoping to exhibit a wide range of crafts and to display the wonderful, quality goods that people with M.E. are still capable of creating. Hopefully, this will also encourage awareness and help get the word out about the website and what we're doing.

If you've got any seasonal goods you want to get out there then feel free to send those over too! I'll be doing some events closer to Halloween and Christmas (which is usually the best occasion to make things for! Watch this space for your Christmas reminder tomorrow!).

If anyone wants to contribute but doesn't feel able to get goods out to me I'll happily display flyers/business cards or print out 'virtual goods' for sale via the website etc.

For more information or for the full list of upcoming events please visit: (to be updated regularly)

Friday, 17 August 2012

Some friday inspiration x

So it's gobsmacking how high the current total is for 'Let's Do It For M.E.' £58500 - wow!

But if that's not enough to give you a fuzzy friday feeling then take a look at:

it's a completely inspiring story of how a family have pulled together in times of chronic illness and achieved amazing things (they also have a facebook page!/jackdrawsanything )

So keep going all you arty/crafty geniuses, we can do it! (:!/SwampKidsDoItForME

Friday, 10 August 2012

Money saving tip!

Hi to all you lovely Make ME Crafters!

Hope you're all doing as well as possible.

Thought I'd just share a money saving tip with you which I discovered when trying out some new felt keyring designs (which I'm hoping to add to the site soon) - don't bother buying expensive toy/crafts filling, just use good old cotton wool instead!

Probably like many of you, my heads buzzing with ideas but enthusiasm tends to take over and I can't seem to keep up; it feels great to have a positive focus though and to be part of a fab crafting team.

Thanks again Jon for bringing us all together, you're a computer whizz and crafting wonder!

Have a good weekend all :)

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Make ME Facebook page reaches 500 likes!

Make ME reaches 500 likes on Facebook!

Thanks to all who have helped make this page so popular! 

If you haven't liked our Facebook page already you can do so at:

Let's carry on crafting and getting the word out! 

Here's looking forward to 1,000! 

Materials donated!

A great many thanks go out to Hampshire-based Barbara Lees for donating this incredible stockpile of materials to Make ME!

This wonderful stash includes assorted wools and various fabrics: wadding, cotton, towelling, linen, felt, fleece and more! Lots of nice Christmassy colours/prints as well!

We are eternally grateful for your support, Barbara, and to your husband for dropping it all over to Make ME with you.

If you can make use of any of these materials to create and craft for Make ME then please just let us know:

Crafting with donated materials means that our creation costs go way down, bringing the profit on the final products way up for donations!

We can arrange for materials to be posted out to anyone who can use them.

If not claimed by crafters after a set period of time we will consider selling materials for personal projects, with the proceeds going to 'Invest in ME'.

Thanks, once again, to Barbara for this very generous donation! I think we might have to pop something back in the post to say thank you. ;)

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Recent additions

Many thanks go out to Julia Cottam (ME Greeting Cards) for adding her gorgeous range of botanical photo greetings cards.

Plus more wonderful cards from Sam Taylor and Swamp Kids (pictures to be added soon!), and a lovely new driftwood mirror from Bal Maiden Crafts.