Friday, 24 August 2012

Make ME Events Updated!

I, (Jon Watson), with the support of my family and friends, will be organising Make ME Craft stalls at events in my local area!

The first of these will be on the 29th September in Bedhampton (appropriate name? :P)

All crafters are more than welcome to contribute to the stall. I certainly won't be able to fill the table by myself! I'd love for people to send in whatever they can. Reimbursement of material costs etc. can be arranged. Anything and everything is welcome, so if you've got some stock lying around feel free contact me at:

Or send your gorgeous crafts to:

Jon Watson
1 Jude Court
Devonshire Square

I'm hoping to exhibit a wide range of crafts and to display the wonderful, quality goods that people with M.E. are still capable of creating. Hopefully, this will also encourage awareness and help get the word out about the website and what we're doing.

If you've got any seasonal goods you want to get out there then feel free to send those over too! I'll be doing some events closer to Halloween and Christmas (which is usually the best occasion to make things for! Watch this space for your Christmas reminder tomorrow!).

If anyone wants to contribute but doesn't feel able to get goods out to me I'll happily display flyers/business cards or print out 'virtual goods' for sale via the website etc.

For more information or for the full list of upcoming events please visit: (to be updated regularly)

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  1. Hey Jon, I hadn't even seen this when we had our email chat last night!!! Several little horses are currently laid out as pieces of material on my kitchen table! Watch this space. Sally.