Thursday, 9 August 2012

Materials donated!

A great many thanks go out to Hampshire-based Barbara Lees for donating this incredible stockpile of materials to Make ME!

This wonderful stash includes assorted wools and various fabrics: wadding, cotton, towelling, linen, felt, fleece and more! Lots of nice Christmassy colours/prints as well!

We are eternally grateful for your support, Barbara, and to your husband for dropping it all over to Make ME with you.

If you can make use of any of these materials to create and craft for Make ME then please just let us know:

Crafting with donated materials means that our creation costs go way down, bringing the profit on the final products way up for donations!

We can arrange for materials to be posted out to anyone who can use them.

If not claimed by crafters after a set period of time we will consider selling materials for personal projects, with the proceeds going to 'Invest in ME'.

Thanks, once again, to Barbara for this very generous donation! I think we might have to pop something back in the post to say thank you. ;)

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