Thursday, 13 September 2012

Raise the flag for the Make ME stall!

How would you like to contribute to decorating the Make ME stall?

Based on feedback from our recent stall we've decided to raise our banner to just above head height using some lighting stands on either side of the table.

However, while practical, our stands aren't very festive.

We'd absolutely love for you guys to help spruce up the stall by designing and making your very own flag that we could add to our bunting!

You can make your triangle out of any material you'd like, as long as it's reasonably durable. We wouldn't want anyone's contribution to be wrecked by continued use/handling.

Almost all fabrics are ideal for the purpose, but you could also choose to make your triangle out of strong card, wood, plastic or any other durable material!

Feel free to get as creative as you'd like, or not! You could use some of your favourite fabric or even paint or draw something for us!

The more flags the merrier, as we've got lots of space to decorate!

Please do try and make your designs double-sided so that it doesn't matter which way around we display it. If you're using a cotton print then please use two triangles back to back.

You can find a template for your flag here:

We'd like most of them to be the larger size, so that we get the best impact, but certainly don't mind people mixing it up and offering something different!

Go wild! Have fun with this simple little project!

Once completed, please send your flags to:

Make ME
1 Jude Court
Devonshire Square

We can't wait to feature your flags on the stall, to help showcase wonderful creative talents of all our supporters. :)

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