Saturday, 2 March 2013

Merryn makes for M.E.

Young sufferer Merryn Crofts has been busy!

So far she's raised over £100 for Invest in ME by selling her gorgeous bracelets (right).

As you can see, she uses blue beads to represent the M.E. awareness ribbon and each bracelet has a 'Hope' charm (which Merryn tells us stands for 'Hold on, Pain Ends'!)

If you'd like to purchase a bracelet they are £4.00 in the UK, including postage, or $7.00 in the US.

Merryn's PayPal address is

(The account is in her mum's name, so don't be disconcerted if it says Clare Crofts after paying.)

Let's show Merryn our support and help her raise money for vital biomedical research!

These bracelets would make a wonderful gift for Mother's Day, as a treat for yourself or a pressie for a friend. A real bargain at £4.00 each, and supporting a great cause.

Keep up the fantastic work, Merryn!

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